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What is the Virtual Accountability Network?
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What are the BENEFITS of the Virtual Accountability Network?

Your membership to VAN includes our VAN 24/7 room and more structured VAN+ sessions. VAN 24/7 is a dedicated Zoom room where you can work, clean, create, practice, or do just about anything where having a little real-time accountability will keep you on track.

VAN+ sessions provide members with a more interactive environment. Each VAN+ session is a little different and are meant to provide a variety of options to help facilitate your specific area of growth. 


When you’re in VAN 24/7 you will be muted. When you are in VAN 24/7 and VAN+ you will share what you are working on by adding your task right after your name on Zoom.


You can use the chat to share updates, ask others questions and encourage each other while working.  


  • Access to VAN 24/7 - our always open Zoom Room for all your body doubling needs.

  • Access to a variety of VAN+ sessions - our themed and guided sessions.

  • VAN+ Task busters Every Monday from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST

  • More VAN+ Sessions will be added as we grow.

  • VAN+ 2-Hour Pomodoro Sessions (monthly)

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